Cybersecurity is the technique of protecting computers, networks, programs, and data from unauthorized attackers that are aimed to exploit the security.

What is a policy in cybersecurity?

It is very important to create a company cyber security policy for your business, especially if you have employees. This will help your employees to understand their roles in protecting information assets and technology.  A cyber security policy of a company is the practice of defending mobile devices, servers, electronic systems, networks, and malicious attacks. Cyber security is also known as information technology or electronic information security. So, when you are preparing a policy it should ensure it will guide your employees on 

  • The sort of business data that can be shared 
  • Use of device acceptable and online materials
  • Handling the sensitive material 

Cybersecurity service offerings can be divided into some common categories:

Network security:

it is the policy in cyber security to secure computer networks from intruders, whether the targeted attackers or malware.

Application Security:

it mainly focuses to keep the software and devices free of threats. It can also provide access to the data that is designed to project. As the proper security begins in the designing cyber security policies.

Information Security:

it protects the privacy and the integrity of data.

Operational Security:

it includes the decision and process of handling and protecting the data assets. The user’s permission determines where and how the data is shared and stored.

Disaster recovery and continuity of business:

it defines how an organization should respond to a policy in cyber security or any event that loses data. A disaster recovery policy will dictate how an organization will restore its information and operation to return to the operating capacity.

End-user education:

it addresses the unpredictable cyber-security factor. Anyone can lead viruses to a secure system by neglecting the proper security practice. It teaches users to delete suspicious email, not to plug any unidentified USB drives and it is also vital for the security of any organization.

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Here are the objectives of cybersecurity policy

  • 1. To create a safe cyber ecosystem, generate confidence and trust in IT systems, cyberspace and enhance the adoption of IT in all economic sectors.
  • 2. To create an assurance framework for designing cyber security policies and promoting actions for consistency to the global security standards and provide best practices through congruity appraisal.
  • 3. Strengthen regulatory framework to ensure a secure cyberspace ecosystem.
  • 4. Enhancing and creating National and Sectoral Level 24*7 mechanisms to obtain strategic information about the threats to ICT infrastructure of the policy in cyber security.
  • 5. To create scenarios for resolution, response, and crisis management with effective predictive preventive and recovery actions.
  • 6. Enhancing the protection and versatility of critical information Infrastructure. Also, mandating the sample cyber security policy that is related to acquisition, design, development of information resources.
  • 7. Improving the visibility of integrity ICT products and services through establishing validation of security and infrastructure for testing.
  • 8. Providing the benefits to businesses for adopting the standard security process and practices.
  • 9. Creating a workforce of 500,000 professionals who are skilled in designing cyber security policies.
  • 10. Enable the protection of information by handling, processing to safeguard the privacy of citizen’s data to reduce economic losses for data theft.



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