Don’t fall into the trap of Identity theft; protect yourself

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Let us first know what is identity theft? Identity theft is when someone illegally uses your personal information to get money. The fraud and identity theft definition is, It is a scam or crime that can result in the loss of personal information such as username, password, financial details, banking information without your consent to commit crimes. In simple words, identity theft is an example of spoofing. Nowadays, identity theft is becoming a huge problem, with financial losses from this practice of over $50  billion a year, as there are many latest ways to steal an identity. 

How are identities being stolen?

Many people worldwide are becoming victims of identity theft; these are happening in an old-fashioned way online. However, there are many types of identity theft happening nowadays. 

Online identity generally occurs when a user falls for many tactics like phishing, scams, downloading malware on their computers, smartphones that can steal their personal information using insecure wireless networks. A thief can also take out money from an ATM by collecting your information. You can visit the best cybersecurity company in kolkata, DataSpace Security. 

What should you do to protect your identity on the internet?

Clearing up an identity theft requires a lot of time and money. That is a great deal of time to spend recuperating from a crime you were a victim of. You can’t entirely prevent identity theft; you can reduce the risk by acting fast when your identity is being hacked by taking a few steps to protect yourself from this. Here are the steps to protect yourself from identity theft: 

  1. Password protect your devices

Most people do not password-protect their devices. Not having a password is similar to leave your house with the door open. If any of your devices fall into the wrong hands, you can lose all of your personal information stored on your phone or computer. Keeping a strong password is the best way to protect your identity. DataSpace Security is a cybersecurity service provider that can help you to keep your identity safe. 

  1. Watch out for phishing websites.

In Phishing, Identity thieves use messages and sites that appear as though they’re coming from your bank, Mastercard organization, or other monetary foundation to fool you into entering your record data or additional private information. These emails can also ask you to open attachments that can install malware on your devices.

If you ever suspect a link isn’t legitimate, avoid clicking that link. Also, don’t give out any personal or financial information to the alleged websites. Also, never download an email attachment unless you know the sender.  

  1. Never share personal information over the phone. 

Fraudsters can pose as a credit card company or bank employee over the phone. But one must remember that no legitimate organization will ever call you to ask for personal information like your card’s PIN. If you suspect the call is fake, all you have to do is hang up and file a cyber crime case against that number because a legitimate organization will send an email to their customer instead of calling. 

  1. Check your credit report often.

Credit reports remember the action for the monetary records in your name, including their last-revealed balances. The best way to spot discrepancies is to check the credit report. Thus, you can spot anything suspicious early so that you can take action against it more quickly before the situation gets worse. 

  1. Go for legitimate shopping sites.

Many secure websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, but some small unknown websites are for shopping. Many small websites can steal your personal information. Os you have to aware of where you are shopping. You should watch that they’re protected with anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

These are only a few simple methods to keep your identity safe online. There is no proper guide to get rid of identity theft. You have to be aware, keep your eyes and ears open, and use logic while stepping online. You can also go for professionals, like DataSpace Security, as they are the best Network VAPT service provider in Kolkata.


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