A mobile application security audit can help you to protect the data of your customer. Creating an app specifically for your service can easily increase your internet presence. But everyone wants to make sure that if their mobile app is secure? That is why a proper mobile application security audit is necessary before you release your application to the public. A mobile application security audit can go a long way to protect your customer’s data.

Why mobile application security audit?

A data breach can ruin the trust of your customer towards your company forever. A cybersecurity breach can destroy your company and crumble all of the market reputations. As 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. 

Hackers get interested in stealing pieces of information including phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, etc. if a hacker is able to get this information through your mobile app, then it perpetually turns into a hot objective. The best mobile application security audit can help you to stimulate the real-life attacks that your mobile app can face. It helps to improve the integrity and security of the app. 

Here are few mobile application security testing tools

If you use Linux distribution it will be easier to install the tools and run commands. Here are few mobile application security testing tools:

Stages of mobile application security services

Since we know what tools get used, we can plan the stages, by which the mobile application security audit will be performed. It is usually conducted in 5 stages, they are:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability identification and threat modeling
  • Exploitation
  • Post-exploitation
  • Resolution and re-test

Cybercrime is rising day by day. Hackers from over the world are waiting for a single mistake so that they can take over your personal details. That is why one needs proper protection to make your client’s personal information safe with the mobile web application security



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