DataSpace Security Risk Mitigation & Compliance Services


These are the few services from us which you can go through:

  • Computer data protection services: Prevents unauthorized tampering and corruption
  • Network VAPT: Secure from network vulnerabilities
  • ISO 27001 certification: Specifications to ISMS
  • Cybersecurity: Designed policy to safeguard digital data
  • Mobile application security audit for both android and IOS.
  • DataSpace academy: Training of skilled cybersecurity professionals 


Here is the brief on how our services work-

  • Computer data protection services include the protection of data through hardware and software. Softwares encrypt the data stored in it so that it does not get decoded by any untrusted source. Though sometimes a malicious program or a well-trained hacker could corrupt the data and could make it unrecoverable which will hamper the system to further use. To overcome this problem hardware takes the initiative by preventing read and write access to data thereby providing strong security from tampering and accessing data from corrupted sources.
  • The need for Network VAPT: The complexity of the system is increasing daily, which can create more vulnerability to the system. Most organizations from all over the world use various types of networks and servers for proper functioning. If your system is vulnerable attackers try to exploit the loopholes of the existing IT infrastructure. As you are creating a service for your user or customer, a customer will need the cyber security certification first. Very fast servers are used by many certified organizations to facilitate their users with a very fast network and avoiding trafficking. Penetration testing is much more valuable than vulnerability scan as it actively prospects vulnerabilities in the targeted areas. It provides your client the ultimate comfort of business information along with their personally identifiable information. 
  • Mobile Application security audit: People in today’s world are handier with mobiles be it androids or IOS operating systems than computers. Every person uses mobiles and these mobiles help a person to interact with the digital environment by providing application services. Now, what if the application they are using is facing serious data security trouble? In this scenario, mobile app security audit should be the right choice to go for as it can help simulate real-life attacks that your mobile app may face. It is very much essential to remember hackers target small businesses!
  • ISO 27001 Certification Provider: Yes we can provide ISO 27001 certification with ease which safeguards your data very efficiently. Our ISO 27001 certification will formulate information security requirements and objectives. It also provides organizations with a measuring structure for the execution and the executives of controls to meet security destinations.
  • Cyber security: Cyber security refers to the body of technologies, and the process to protect networks and data from external attack or unauthorized access. It is also known as information technology security. There are chances that a portion of that data can be personal information or another kind of data that does not have access to exposure, or it could have negative consequences. 
  • Data Space Academy: Data Space Security’s professional program provides learning opportunities, courses along with career and certification. Our academy can help you to increase the knowledge level in the field of cyber warfare. The main  aim of our academy is to build cybersecurity skills, cover the business needs of the technology industry along with learning and research. 



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