• Know how secure is your company’s Intranet  When the topic of intranet security is brought up in the office, it is frequently received with repressed yawns or glazed eyes. Because it’s an internal network, there’s a common misconception that the intranet site is immune to viruses and hacking. Intranet security, on the other hand, extends beyond external threats. Intranet security also includes ensuring that the correct people have access to the right information. So, let’s
  • Know the biggest data breaches of 21st century  Breach of data has become an everyday occurrence. In this post, we examine the most significant data breaches of the twenty-first century, concentrating on the magnitude of the risk or damage to the company, insurers, and users rather than the number of records compromised. What is the definition of a data breach? A data breach occurs when cyber hackers get illegal access to a company’s database, allowing
  • Why Digital Forensic is Important to Cybersecurity  Digital forensics and cybersecurity are inextricably linked; without the information provided by digital forensics, cybersecurity would be less effective. Cybersecurity analyses the knowledge gathered by digital forensics in various cases and develops methods to avoid digital forensic investigations; it is essentially proactive. Digital forensics also exists as a result of failed or ineffective cybersecurity tactics. Understanding both and how they relate to one another is critical to keeping
  • The current cyber security and data protection laws Cybersecurity is as important in the current world as the virtual place that an individual occupies. However, even though the common individual lives and transact as effortlessly online as they do offline, they are not controlled or held accountable in the same way. As more and more of our daily lives shift online, aided in large part by the recent COVID-19 pandemic and quickly evolving technology, we
  • Reverse Engineering: the best weapon to fight against Cyberattacks  Have you ever wondered why software flaws result in security issues? Or how do malevolent actors take advantage of flaws? The Reverse Engineering course will assist you in answering these and other questions! Throughout the course, students will use industry-standard tools and create bespoke solutions to aid with binary/code analysis. Students will investigate how attackers identify holes in modern software and exploit these flaws by circumventing
  • How to identify Cyber Threats The idea of analyzing a whole lot of a safe atmosphere to discover any malicious conduct that might compromise the community is called hazard detection. If the risk is located, mitigating measures ought to be taken to efficiently neutralize the threat earlier than it can take advantage of any current vulnerabilities. Being hacked is a nightmarish situation. Most companies that price their data will use professional human beings and generations
  • Know the security and privacy of the Internet of Things  The special considerations required to protect individual information from exposure in the Internet of Things environment, in which almost any physical or logical entity or object can be given a unique identifier and the ability to communicate autonomously over the Internet or similar network, are known as the Internet of Things privacy. Endpoints (things) in the Internet of Things privacy and security environment broadcast data
  • Know the cybersecurity resilience of Organizational Security Policy The document that determines the scope of a utility’s cybersecurity initiatives is the organizational security policy. It acts as a repository for information and decisions created by other building blocks, as well as a roadmap for further cybersecurity decisions. The organizational security policy should include information about the organization’s goals, responsibilities, security program structure, compliance, and risk management methodologies.  Importance Employees and supervisors responsible for implementing cybersecurity
  • How important is Firewall to prevent Network Attacks  A firewall is a protection device — either hardware or software program — that helps safeguard your network by using filtering traffic and stopping unauthorized get right of entry to your laptop’s exclusive records. A firewall can assist prevent dangerous malware from infecting your pc by using blockading undesired visitors. Specific tiers of safety can be provided with the aid of firewalls. The secret is to parent
  • Types of security software a business needs  You, like any other online business owner, may believe that your website or online store is secure because you have a solid security system in place. Have you considered outside dangers that could enter your system through backdoors, such as staff phones that routinely enter and exit your system without being challenged? What about other apps that are part of your system, such as your CRM? If you
  • What is Biometric Security and why does it matter in today’s age Biometric protection is a sort of protection that verifies human beings’ bodily or behavioral capabilities to become aware of them. It is the most effective and correct physical safety generation currently in use for identity verification. Biometrics are often hired in security structures in contexts where robbery is a challenge or when bodily protection is essential. Fingerprints, voice, retinal styles, facial recognition, and
  • Mobile App Security: A Comprehensive tool to secure your apps  The software security posture of mobile apps on numerous structures including Android, iOS, and home windows cellphone is the focal point of mobile software security. This applies to apps that run on both cell phones and capsules. It includes comparing apps for protection flaws within the context of the structures they may be alleged to run on, the frameworks they may be constructed with, and

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