• 5 Ways to Tell Whether You’re a Cybersecurity or Cybersecurity Theater Professional Table of Contents Humans, in general, have strange views about calculating and responding to risk for a sentient species. We zealously reduce one danger while effectively ignoring another that has the potential to have the same outcome. There are a plethora of cases like this, and cybersecurity is no exception. Organizational leadership frequently expects security staff to “mark off boxes” using traditional methods,
  • Data Privacy from a Data-Centric Perspective Table of Contents All businesses recognise the importance of having access to their customers’ and prospects’ sensitive personal information. This knowledge is critical in assisting them in forming and maintaining relationships so that they can provide personalised experiences and recommendations. Having this sensitive personal information also makes fundamental commercial transactions go more smoothly. Consumers can now take advantage of the most transformational developments of the contemporary period to facilitate
  • Why Requiring Complicated Passwords Is a Risky Security Practice Table of Contents According to Imperva’s Forester Insider Threat report, 50 percent of firms questioned expect to raise security knowledge among their employees during the next 12 months. Many people are already doing so and have established good habits. According to the Ponemon Report on the Cost of Insider Threats in 2022, most insider incidents are caused by irresponsible personnel and unintentional behavior (57 percent ).
  • Table of Contents Motivated by the ongoing increase in eCommerce, which has seen unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 epidemic, retailers are trying to react to a shift in consumer demand and offer distinctive customer experiences that set them apart from their competitors. Because of the rise in online sales and new technologies, businesses are becoming more strategic about their physical stores, using them as fulfillment centers, offering curbside delivery, and designing pop-up and augmented reality
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