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There are many attackers outside who want to disrupt, delay or redirect the flow data of your company. They have various targets, motives, and technical capabilities. Our cybersecurity service offers a variety of solutions related to the computer system and data of any organization. The industry of cybersecurity is constantly developing. It was created in response to viruses, hacking, theft, and other threats towards professional and personal data. Data Space Security provides services like computer security monitoring services, Network VAPT services, cybersecurity, mobile application security audit, and many more.

What are our principles:

  1. We deliver cost-effective technology to reduce the organization’s risk.
  2. We distinguish and respond to cyber threats against your organization.
  3. We are your risk program advisor.
  4. We provide expert consulting services to support your business.
  5. We bring information security leadership to small and large businesses. 

Why should you choose us?

Protecting your organization’s data should be the top priority of all businesses. At Data Space Security we provide different cyber security solutions for all of the clients with an innovative and different approach. We here believe only innovation can make your business different from others. As a managed security service provider, we act as the client’s trusted go-to partner to bring advanced expertise in the current situation. Let us become your companion whether you are seeking help in network security, penetration testing, and many more. 

Most of the small businesses do not think about cybersecurity until they face security breach. Without any cybersecurity your organization can lose a lot of money, time, and sensitive information. According to research, 43% of cyber attackers mainly target small businesses. As the best Network VAPT service provider, Data Space Security will review the extent of the harm and our group of expert security examiners will assist you with deciding the extent of the assault and prescribe activities to fix security holes. ‌ 

At times, when your all sensitive data are drained, Data Space Security will provide you the help to survive the situation and win more business, after our service, you will be able to protect your data more and more.  

DataSpace Security


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Our services

Our Team of Cybersecurity professionals aims at providing fully trusted and developed end to end Cybersecurity Managed services

Network VAPT

Data Space Security provides the best Network VAPT service

Web Application VAPT

Data Space Security provides the best service to test your website and application.

Mobile Application Security Audit

Data Space Security provides the best service to protect your mobile application

Cybersecurity Policy and Design

Data Space Security provides the best service to secure computer networks.

ISO 27001 Implementation

Data Space Security protect your organization’s data in a cost-effective way

DataSpace Academy

Data Space Security provides the best various certification and professional courses for organizations and individuals.

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