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Security Assessment

Most of the small businesses do not think about cybersecurity until they face security breach. Without any cybersecurity your organization can lose a lot of money, time, and sensitive information. According to research, 43% of cyber attackers mainly target small businesses.

Why is it necessary for firms to do frequent security assessments?

Vulnerability assessment strategies pick out which faults exist, but they do now not distinguish between those who can be exploited to purpose harm and people that cannot.

Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing

VAPT falls below the phase of security assessment. Two forms of vulnerability checking out are VAPT.

Source code audit

Source code auditing is a powerful tool for uncovering defects, security flaws, and vulnerabilities in source code.

Managed Service

Using managed services can make your job easier, whether you're a business leader or an experienced IT pro. A Managed Service (MS) is similar to gaining the capabilities of an IT Department with the knowledge of seasoned professionals to give focused application operations to your company's business application users when it is properly implemented.

Simply simply, an MS is a software system that manages the day-to-day operations of your specialised applications.
Security operations center (SOC)
  • Focus on services provided to customers
  • Proactive work
Network operations center (NOC)
  • Focus on device issues
  • Reactive work
  • No insight into services

Compliance Audit

A compliance audit is an examination conducted to determine whether or not a company is following regulatory rules. Compliance preparations, security policies, user access controls, and risk management procedures are all evaluated in audit reports for their strength and comprehensiveness.

Technical, financial, operational, and cybersecurity audits are just a few examples of compliance audits.
ISO 27001 Implementation

ISO 27001 was developed mainly to help organizations of any industry or any size to protect their data.


A GDPR compliance audit and a GDPR compliance assessment may appear to be the same thing.

End Point

A distant computing device known as an endpoint interacts back and forth with the network to which it is attached. For cybercriminals, endpoints are critical vulnerable points of entry. Endpoints are the locations where attackers run code and exploit vulnerabilities, as well as where assets are encrypted, exfiltrated, or leveraged.

Endpoints are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks as organisations' workforces become more mobile and users connect to internal resources from off-premises endpoints all around the world.

Any device that is linked to the internet is susceptible to ransomware. Ransomware analyses a local device as well as any network-connected storage, making a vulnerable device a possible victim of the local network. If the local network is a business, the ransomware may encrypt vital papers and system data, causing services and productivity to be disrupted.

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