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iOS Pentesting

iPhone apps have become more and more famous amongst mobile customers. They are concept to be of incredible fine and can help businesses generate income.

As a result, marketers and small businesses looking for a brief go back on funding depend upon iOS application development. As a result, if you're a corporation thinking about developing an app to take your agency to the subsequent degree of achievement, maintain reading to learn about the several advantages of iPhone app development.

Tools for iOS pentesting

Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is a graphical user interface (GUI) programme that lets in us to install iOS packages onto our iPhones using an IPA record. So, if you have a jailbreak IPA, this tool is a must-have since it will allow you to install the jailbreak exploit IPA on your device.


Frida is a dynamic instrumentation toolset for security researchers, reverse engineers, and developers. It enables us to hook the programme in the middle of its execution, inject our script into it, and examine or edit the request and answer in real time.


Bfinject is an iOS dylib injection tool. Bfinject injects arbitrary dylibs into App Store programmes that are already executing. It comes with iSpy and Cycript and has built-in capability for decrypting App Store apps.


iFunbox is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch file and app management app. It allows you to install any iOS application, access the file system of the connected device, transfer data and images from/to the PC, and much more.

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