Most of the companies can’t afford to compromise with the industry’s best practice that is network VAPT security audit, especially at a challenging time. That is the reason many businesses work remotely to outsource this to a vendor-partner for the best VAPT services.

What is Network VAPT in the field of Cybersecurity?

Network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a process of finding vulnerabilities, flaws, noxious content, and risks in a network or a system. It is generally done to make the organization’s security system strong  and to defend the IT infrastructure.

Things to add to your network security VAPT checklist

Many organizations are facing increment in Cyberattacks since the pandemic has outbreak to the world. As most of the organizations are shifting from work from home conducting VAPT has become more important. Here is the network VAPT checklist to go through.

Threat factors are utilizing the emergency to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data within finance, education, healthcare, and industries. Attackers are using it as a passage to utilizing the emergency of vulnerable users and penetrating networks. The culprits are targeting business which lacks the ideal security controls along with monitoring techniques.

2. Watch out for Your Sensitive Data

All sensitive data of an organization is at higher risk because it is valuable and mainly targeted by cybercriminals. The sensitive data must be protected well and also it should be protected from unauthorized people who are using vindictive methods. The extra layers of protection can be placed to burden the business which has already faced financial issues. So, in such cases analyzing the risk factor is the key to find the right balance between financial imperatives, protection, and accessibility to maintain the network VAPT security audit. However, it is easy to focus on cuber health of an organization during a time of crisis, most importantly which comes with a global impact. But every company should ensure that the IT system of theirs is adapting quickly to evolve the threat rapidly.

3. Set up a VAPT process

In order to avoid cyber threats, organizations should consider developing a working network VAPT testing plan. An ideal plan will include automated cyber threat intel, intelligence and analysis tools, dashboards that contain automated countermeasure, and real-time data.
Setting up continuous diagnostic and mitigation (CDM) plans is another way an organization can tackle cyber threats as CDM can reduce and eliminate many common risks to the business.

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Here are the network VAPT tools to access

Network VAPT methodology

Network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing can be performed in these steps

While performing the network VAPT testing, the scope of the specific assignment needs to be defined clearly. The scope is typically based on the assets and yet to be tested.

Black box testing

Testing from the external network without any knowledge of internal networks and systems.

Grey box testing

This is testing from an internal or external network, with knowledge of the system.

White box testing

The network VAPT testing performs within the network with proper knowledge of system and network design. It is also known as internal testing.

Collecting information

This process helps to gather information about the IT environment including IP address, networks, operating system versions.

Vulnerability Detection

In this process, vulnerability scanners are used and those vulnerabilities were identified as an IT environment by scanning. 

Analyzing information

It is used for analyzing vulnerabilities, that are combined with information about the IT environment.

Penetration testing

In this step, the target systems are attacked and penetrated.

Vulnerability Detection

In this process, vulnerability scanners are used and those vulnerabilities were identified as an IT environment by scanning. 



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